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Grow your skills and expand your creativity with Spiral workshops! 

Do you want to try some clay modelling?

Or  perhaps a little chicken wire sculpture is more up your street? 

Learn safely in your own home, and enjoy online support, with Spiral Online tutorials.

There's a range of activities coming soon, but meanwhile, try our FREE online clay tutorials on the link below!


Polymer Clay Video Tutorials


Free Polymer Clay Tutorials

Great activities to do with kids and grow their making skills!
The Spiral Crafts Free Tutorials show you how to make a whole range of different animals and objects using a child-friendly air-drying polymer clay. With easy step-by-step instructions and a full list of materials required, your family will be growing your creative skills together, having fun and showing off your masterpieces!


How To Make A Ladybird

Full, step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Ladybird from air-drying polymer clay.


About Me

Hi, I'm Sandy and I'm a Wire Sculptor and an all-round Craft Lover based in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, UK.


 I've been teaching creative workshops around the area for several years now and I've helped many people to grow their skills at my workshops and go on to make more beautiful creations afterwards.

Remember, you too are capable of creating something beautiful - you just have to find the topic and technique that suits you and your unique skills.

Customer Feedback

"We've attended two workshops (candle making and jewellery making) and thoroughly enjoyed both! Sandy is brill, patient and very knowledgeable, not to mention very talented! I'd definitely recommend attending a workshop, a great few hours where you come away with the fruits of your labour and new skills to continue at home!"

Matt H

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Contact Me

Milton Cottage, 42 Porthill Bank, Porthill, Newcastle, Staffs, ST5 0AA

spiralcw [@] gmail [dot] com


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